Adelphia liquidating trust agreement

In 1987, Tocibai Machine, a subsidiary of Toshiba, was accused of illegally selling CNC milling machines used to produce very quiet submarine propellers to the Soviet Union in violation of the Co Com agreement, an international embargo on certain countries to COMECON countries.

In 1977, Toshiba acquired the Brazilian company Semp (Sociedade Eletromercantil Paulista), subsequently forming Semp Toshiba through the combination of the two companies' South American operations.

In 2006, Toshiba terminated production of in-house plasma TVs.

To ensure its future competitiveness in the flat-panel digital television and display market, Toshiba has made a considerable investment in a new kind of display technology called SED.

Tokyo Denki was founded as Hakunetsusha in 1890 and had been Japan's first producer of incandescent electric lamps.

It later diversified into the manufacture of other consumer products and in 1899 had been renamed Tokyo Denki.

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