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Kramer continued: 'What is required to pierce his denial and break the tragic cycle is a meaningful term of imprisonment.'Weiner’s defense attorney, Arlo Devlin-Brown, said that the former congressman was 'filled with regret' for himself, his victim and his family members.He said that after Weiner’s first indiscretions in 2011 forced him to give up his congressional seat, that he failed to realize there was a problem in his life.'She is entitled to the law’s full protection.'Cote acknowledged how committed Weiner was to recovery and said that his support of others with sexual problems could become a 'true public service'.'He has made great strides but it will remain a struggle for years to come,' she said.When Judge Cote declared her sentence, Weiner bowed his head and put his face in his hands, as he heard the devastating news.He said that he was finally teaching his son Jordan the right lessons. Weiner continued: 'I victimized a young person who deserved better' but added that he 'know[s] my recovery is real'.

Judge Cote responded that she didn’t believe that Weiner was attempting to shift blame on to the victim.The sobbing former congressman covered his face with his hands and gripped the desk for support as Judge Denise Cote imposed a jail sentence followed by three years of supervised release.The 53-year-old must surrender to a designated prison facility, which has not yet been determined, on November 6. The distraught man was still wearing his wedding band after he was seen heading to court from the apartment he shares with wife Huma Abedin, who is divorcing him.Devlin-Brown emphasized that Weiner did not have an abnormal sexual interest in teenagers – and Judge Cote agreed with that finding.The attorney asked the judge that Weiner be granted probation to continue with the treatment he was taking so seriously.'His sickness was a driver and he’s in recovery,’'Devlin-Brown said. In sentencing Weiner, Judge Cote said: 'This is a serious crime that deserves serious punishment.'She also said that the victim’s motives were 'irrelevant'.'She is a minor, she is a victim,' she said.

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