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Despite a few dings and scratches, it’s fairly distinguishable 85 years later.

Though they struggled to attain victories — she’s not even sure they won a single game — it was her most fond memory of her high school days. “It does make a difference if your ties are here.” The semi-retired teacher remembers the surprisingly smooth conversion of the Rippey, Grand Junction and Dana communities as they became the Hawks in the ’60s. For some adults, I’m sure it was.” Scharingson was also a pioneer following graduation, as she helped form and coach the inaugural East Greene volleyball team in the early 1970s, though she knew little about the sport.

By BRANDON [email protected] JUNCTION — A green chicken once signified the commencement of one of the county’s fiercest rivalries.

Before Rippey joined Grand Junction to become East Greene, students in the 1960s would cage a local farm animal and paint it green to mock the Grand Junction Hawk mascot. These stories and more are what one lifelong local resident is hoping to preserve with an ambitious archival project.

“For some reason, we all just clicked,” Scharingson said. We were a class that liked each other, we didn’t care where you were from. “We had 40 girls go out because they thought it would be easy,” Scharingson said.

“It wasn’t.” She continued, “Athletics are a part of our lives, not just because of me but because my kids did it. Everything is important.” If Scharingson can get her dream of an East Greene and Grand Junction exhibit off the ground, it will, in her eyes, help reconnect rural west-central Iowa communities.

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“I was born and raised here, my history goes back a long way,” Scharingson said. I’d hate to have this stuff thrown away.” The artifacts help Scharingson reflect on an important era in Greene County history, the consolidation into East Greene more than 50 years ago.

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