Alexandria dating egypt

1) Avoid those who work in the tourism industry or who have access to a lot of tourists. At minimal, try to meet men elsewhere other than at a tourism setting.

2) Observe carefully his active listening skills towards you and others.

Of course if their goal of marriage is to just obtain a visa then that is the biggest red flag. And it doesn’t matter if Egyptian men read these tests and attempt to con you by pretending to be ethical.

The truth always seeps through sooner or later even if via the smallest discreet ways. I am just saying it will increase your odds if his work has nothing to do with tourism.

The IEASM made geological observations that brought these phenomena to light by discovering seismic effects in the underlying geology.

[Source] Findings to date include: – The remains of more than 64 ships buried in the thick clay and sand that covers the sea bed – Gold coins and weights made from bronze and stone – Giant 16-ft statues along with hundreds of smaller statues of minor gods – Slabs of stone inscribed in both ancient Greek and ancient Egyptian – Dozens of small limestone sarcophagi believed to have once contained mummified animals – Over 700 ancient anchors for ships [Source] Research suggests that the site was affected by geological and cataclysmic phenomena.

The slow movement of subsidence of the soil affected this part of the south-eastern basin of the Mediterranean.

[Source] Franck Goddio is a pioneer of modern maritime archaeology.

After graduating from the École Nationale de la Statistique et de l’Administration Economique in Paris, Franck Goddio conducted economic and financial counselling missions in Laos, Vietnam and Cambodia for the United Nations, and later for the French Foreign Ministry.

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