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When a word eludes us, playing about the periphery of our cognition (“tip of the tongue”), do we complain about faulty hardware?When we forget that cute girl’s name we just met at the party, do we blame the lack of available short-term memory data “chunks”?Despite growing insight into neuroscience and the physical limitations of our consciousness, we have the tendency to ascribe a limitlessness to our minds.

The hunter-gatherer existence self-regulates tribal size, really.As with short-term memory, most people are limited to seven or so “chunks” of working memory data.A chunk might be a single digit, a single word, or even a concept, but a few people can use advanced encoding techniques to expand the scope of each chunk.The number of members in a non-human primate grooming clique aren’t randomized, but rather dependent on the size of the particular primate’s neocortex region of the brain.Greater volume is associated with a higher companion threshold.

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Like with working memory, the seven chunks of available bandwidth are always going to be there, but it’s what you put inside that matters.

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