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Gray: 1806: Box 116 Beers' Almanack: New Haven, CT: S.

Babcock: 1843: 1176: Box 118 Beers' Almanack: New Haven, CT: John Babcock & Son: 1822: Box 860 Beers' Almanack: New Haven, CT: A. Maltby & Co.: 1820-1821, 1823, 1825: Box 118 Beers' Almanack: New Haven, CT: Maltby, Goldsmith & Co.: 1817-1818, 1819 (3): Box 118 Beers' Almanack: Ithaca, NY: Mack & Morgan; A. Searing & Co.: 1824, 1825: Box 119 Beers' Almanack: Kingston, NY: Copp & Freer: 1796: Box 119 Beers' Almanack: New Haven, CT: O.

According to the , was published in 1639 by William Pierce in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Generally, almanacs were printed on what was considered cheap paper.

Dutcher's edition for Vermont, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, New York, New York: Graefenberg Company: 1856: Box 285 Almanac: New Brunswick, New Jersey, Family and Weekly Home News: 1888: Hugh Boyd, editor: Box 9 Almanac: Saratoga Springs, NY: The Saratogian: 1889-1890: Box 478 Almanac a Dyddiadur: Bala, Wales: Robert Saunderson: 1835: Box 9 Almanac and Baptist Register: Philadelphia, PA: American Baptist Publication and S. Henchman: 1761: Roger Sherman: Box 16 Almanack: Dedham, MA: Herman Mann: 1806: Box 15 Almanack: Hartford, CT: Hudson and Goodwin, 1790, N.Parsons: 1847: 1243: Box 37 American Farmer's Almanac: Auburn, NY: J. Ladd; Thübner & Co.: 1866, 1867: Note: Annual Appendix to Humphrey's Journal of Photography and the Allied Arts and Sciences: Box 39 American Presbyterian Almanac: Philadelphia, PA: Presbyterian Publication Committee: 1860-1867: Note: 1856, 1858-1859 in Pohlman 656-1, 1a, 1b. Crosby: 1833: Box 41 American Tract Society's Almanack: Boston, MA: American Tract Society: 1861: Box 501 American Water-Cure Almanac: NY, NY: Fowler and Wells: 1860: Box 43 Americanischer Haus- und Wirtschafts Calendar: Philadelphia, PA: Melchior Steiner: 1784: 10157: Box 43 Americanischer Haus- und Wirtschafts Calender: Philadelphia, PA: Carl Cist: 1782-1783: 10121, 10139: Box 43 Americanischer Stadt und Land Calender: Philadelphia, PA: Carl List, 1784-1805; Conrad Zentler, 1807-1849: Box 44-48 Amerikanisch-Deutsche Hausfreund und Baltimore Calender: Baltimore, MD: Johann T.1860 impf.: Box 40 American Presbyterian Almanac and Family Register: Philadelphia, PA: Tract Publication Committee of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in the U. Hanzsche: 1838: Nathan Bassett: Box 43 Ames's Almanack: Boston, MA: Draper & Green and Russell & Fleet: 1759 (3): Box 67-71 Ames. Henchman, etc.: 1761 (7): Box 67-71 An Almanac: NY, NY: Edgar W. An Almanack: Cambridge, United Kingdom: University: 1684: Note: Bound with Bowker Almanack): Box 498 An Almanack: Boston, MA: Nicholas Boone: 1728: Box 16 An Almanack: Boston; Charlestown: B. Phillips: 1706, 1722, 1723: Box 16 An Almanack: Albany, NY: Whiting and Leavenworth: 1802-1804: Isaac Rice: Box 15 An Almanack of Poor Richard the second; or, an Ashonomical Museum: Boston, MA: Andrew Newell: 1802: Box 17 Anderson Improved: Being an Almanack and Ephemeris: Newport, RI: Solomon Southwick: 1773-1775: John Anderson: Box 49 Anderson Revived: the North American Calendar; or an Almanack: Providence, RI: Bennett Wheeler: 1780: John Anderson: Box 49 Anderson Revived: Being an Almanack and Ephemeris: Newport, RI: Henry C.S.: 1854: Note: In bound volume: Box 275 American Protestant Almanac: NY: E. An Astronomical Diary, or, An Almanack: Boston, MA: D. Southwick and Co.: 1795: Box 49 Annuaire présenté au Roi, par le Bureau des Longitudes: Paris: Bachelier: 1842: Box 49 Annual: Troy, NY: C. Mac Arthur & Son: 1893: Box 499 Annual Connecticut Register, and United States Calendar: New London, Connecticut: Samuel Green: 1823 (2), 1825, 1826 (3): Duplicates of 317.46 C 75: Note: Another copy 1823 bound with copy 3 Connecticut Register and United States Calendar: Box 169 Annual Illustrated: [n.d.]: [n.p.]: 1881: Box 50 Annual Messenger, or Farmer's Almanack: Boston, MA: Sylvester T.Walker: 1846: Box 40 American Rowing Almanac and Oarsman's Pocket Companion: NY, NY: Engelhardt and Bruce: 1873: Box 40 American Temperance Almanac: Albany, NY: New York State Temperance Society: 1835: Box 501 American Temperance Almanac: Albany, NY: New York State Temperance Society; Packard & Van Benthuysen, Printers; Stereotyped by G. Loomis: 1835 (4): Box 41 American Temperance Almanac: NY, NY: Clinton Hall: L. Goss: 1820 (2) impf.: Box 50 Annual Visiter: and Citizen and Farmers Almanac: Wilmington, DE: James Wilson; M. Lockerman: 1808: 1425: Box 50 Annual Visitor; or Almanac: Baltimore, MD: Thomas, Andrews and Butler; W.

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While some of the almanacs in this collection are slightly smaller than a sheet of typing paper, most are even smaller, often small enough to fit in a man's back pocket. 9-10: Box 5 Agricultural and Economical Almanac: New Haven, CT: Sidney's Press for John Babcock & Son: 1820: Box 6 Agricultural and Economical Almanac: New Haven, CT: John Babcock & Son; Sidney's Press: 1821: Box 6 Agricultural and Economical Almanack: New Haven, CT: Hezekiah Howe: 1817 (4): Box 6 Agricultural and Economical Almanack: New Haven; Hartford, CT: Goldsmith & Co.; Cooke & Hale; T. Woodward, Printer: 1818 (2), 1819: Box 6 Agricultural and Family Almanac: New York: Dr. Moffat: 1849 (3), 1850 (2): Box 6 Agricultural and Family Almanack: New York: Dr. Moffat: 1847 (2), 1848: Box 6 Agricultural Annual and Mark Lane Express Almanac: London, England: Mark Lane Express: 1894, 1898: Box 6 Agriculturists' Guide and Almanac: New York: B. Reed: 1851 (2): Box 7 Albany Evening Journal Illustrated Almanac: Albany, NY: Albany Evening Journal: 1892, 1894 (3): Box 7 Albany Evening Union Almanac.

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