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Here are some of the pros and cons of being single: You are free to do whatever you want, whenever you want with whoever you want: this point is true to the effect that you don’t have to feel constrained by a relationship and that you cannot do what you want to do at times.Opportunity to meet more new people: when you’re in a relationship the opportunity to meet new, fun people is still there although you may not be as adventurous or engaging to search for these opportunities when you are in a relationship.Do you believe that age / the time in life matters when it comes to this question?Laura Bilotta is an Author, TV Host, Dating Coach, Matchmaker and Founder of successful dating website Single in the City dot ca. Since its early beginnings, Laura’s efforts and expertise have allowed Single in the City to become one of the largest event based dating companies in the Greater Toronto Area.In 2009, Laura was the co-host of Rogers Television show “Dating 201”.She currently hosts the Dating and Relationship Radio Talk Show Sunday nights at 9pm on AM640. – Hard being single when you have needs and enjoy being in a relationship: If you’re a person that loves being in a relationship and feel as if you need and enjoy life more while in a relationship then the single life can be torture.

Matchmaking companies are devoted to finding suitable romantic partners for their customers.Events and Adventures is a dating site geared toward introducing singles at group social events.It schedules events and outings that its members can sign up for and meet other people in the process.At Single in the City we provide the best possible atmosphere and environment for singles to strive and enjoy themselves and the company of others.We make it easy, engaging and fun to mingle with others. Well, it can have its upsides and some negatives as well.

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