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The cop put his hand on the window and leaned down "Hello miss, do you know how fast you were going? "Great, he's not only a young guy, but he's cute, this will be easy" she thought to herself "Sorry officer, I know I was going a little too fast, but there is no one else on the road and I am just trying to make it back to Courdry to meet up with some friends before classes start," she said, pushing her chest out some and trying to pout her lips."License and registration please," he asked, holding his hand out.Add a few facts about yourself, such as your age, gender, sexy interest, and location, and that’s all it takes to get going on Be Naughty, a free adult hookup site that does everything right.

"Yes it was you little tramp," the female officer retorted, walking around the front of the car and moving behind her.She placed them in his hand, letting her fingers run along his palm as she did.He walked back to the car, standing outside for a couple of minutes, and then she saw another figure exit out of the car, walking toward the passenger side."Come on, please be a guy so I can flirt my way out of this," were the next words out of her mouth.It was her sure-fire way of getting out of every ticket, she checked her make up again, and unbuttoned the top button of her blouse.

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