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Tracks: Lead a Normal Life, I Don't Remember, San Jacinto, Intruder, Rhythm of the Heat, Mother Stands for Comfort, No Self Control, Family Snapshot, I Have the Touch, Games without Frontiers / Of These Hope, Lay Your Hands on Me.

"Seventeen" contains 60 minutes of epic & melodic rock that finds a perfect balance between diverse long tracks such as 'La Peregrina,' 'Cracks' or 'Walk through Fire' and straighter anthems like 'All that I Want,' 'Somebody' or the hard rocking 'Feathers and Tar!

Just when everyone expects the boat to sink, it miraculously resurfaces and sails on.

The Special Edition includes a bonus disc with 36 minutes of demo recordings created back in 2016.

The extraordinary band was one of Zappa's best with keyboardist George Duke, bassist Tom Fowler, trombonist Bruce Fowler, tenor saxophonist and vocalist Napoleon Murphy Brock, percussionist Ruth Underwood and drummers Ralph Humphrey and Chester Thompson all flawlessly in lockstep as Zappa led them through his musically adventurous compositions filled with complicated time signatures and sudden tempo changes.

The Roxy Performances also contains a 48-page booklet with liner notes by Zappa vaultmaster Joe Travers and essays by Zappa associates Jen Jewel Brown and Dave Alvin. CD .99 The Security Project has once again reinvented itself, this time with vocalist Happy Rhodes.

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