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I, for one, would not be able to emotionally define water, or poetry, or love. For me, love is the most beautiful part of being human.Significance of Valentine’s Day Even if the Hallmark Conspiracy Theory is true, I believe in embracing every opportunity to express love – not just to my boyfriend, but to my friends and family as well.Just as a live-in relationship can have every little strength of a perfect marriage, I have seen marriages in which spouses are happy to live very separate lives, emotionally and/or sexually. If I knew where they were, I wouldn’t be single right now!

What people say Every single friend of mine has tried to be a matchmaker.

I’m nothing if not incurably romantic and I would always prioritise loyalty and trust over a nominal social or public status with no true commitment deep within. I just think men are too intimidated by us actresses. Being made the babysitter at my friend’s get together, being single on New Year’s and Christmas (I got a taste of it this year), Parents constantly nagging you to find the right one and settle down soon. Bliss of being single All my married friends envy my lifestyle.

Having said that, do I think I’ll get married one day? I can do whatever I want whenever I want without being answerable to anyone.

Although in 2011, I look forward to meeting someone new.

An ideal relationship It is when two people respect each other, they don’t clamp each other with insecurities.

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So, even when we’re in different continents, we make it a point to catch up on all matters critical and trivial.

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