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Mr Jenkins said: 'We think he gets off on putting the animals on display, preferably under the bedroom windows.'Worryingly we've even had a few put next to school playgrounds where little children would be.'It looks like he kills the cats with blunt force trauma, waits for half an hour for the blood to stop circulating then cuts their heads off.' He or she is believed to have killed, dismembered and decapitated more than 250 pets since the first cat was found dead in Croydon in 2014.A vet found raw chicken in the stomachs of a number of the cats, suggesting the killer was luring them to their deaths with meat titbits.The probe began after headless cats were found in Croydon, Streatham, Mitcham Common, Sutton, Charlton, Peckham and Finchley.

But as we hand the gadget over, we have mixed feelings.Just like Jack the Ripper, who used physician-like skills to rip apart his female victims, the cat hater 'surgically' dismembers some pets.Many blood-splattered headless carcass' have been spread-eagled beneath the owners' bedroom windows for them to stumble on disturbingly the next morning.A serial cat killer who has murdered more than 250 felines in the UK might finally be caught after witnesses spotted a 'shadowy figure' fleeing the latest crime scene.This is the first time anyone has caught sight of the violent criminal who is believed to have been responsible for an attack in Surrey last week.

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The pet's injuries matched other victims of the Croydon Cat Killer who have also included foxes, rabbits and squirrels.

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