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Cohen wanted to know how Kordell felt about her scandalous comments about him, and Porsha appeared to indicate that viewers might see him again on RHOA this season. He came back on the show — which he said he would never do — and he expressed himself and that’s good for him because that way he can get it out and we can kind of move on from it.” PHOTOS: Punches! The 13 Nastiest Fights EVER On Real Housewives And Porsha is moving on …

“We dated in the past, in our early 20s,” Porsha, 35, says.He recounts a story from 1998 when a doctor called him and informed the athlete that people said he was arrested in a park for lewd acts with a transvestite.But Stewart denies the whole story: “When that happened, I was like, ‘Man.’ It drew me closer to the Word to the point where it made me understand what this really, really was all about — it was hate.“Even thoug it was a rocky road, that was a lesson for me in this life.I take every experience and take it in stride and know that God has something in store for me.” The former NFL quarterback also addresses the 20-year rumors that have swirled around him in regards his sexuality.

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