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Stavka, the Soviet High Command, decided it was better to destroy these forces before launching any assault on Berlin and through much of February this was accomplished.German losses had again been massive and the effort needed to rebuild units or create new ones had become extremely difficult.At the same time, however, the Germans deployed 228 divisions in the east.Thus, the Germans had almost four times as many troops facing the Soviets.

That alone is an indication of where their priorities lay.Not only were German losses close to 25% of their manpower on the eastern front, but the territory lost brought Soviet forces to the border of the Reich.Desperate battles ensued in East Prussia, while a large concentration of German forces was cut off in the Courland peninsula further north.The collapse of the German Army Group Center in June and July of 1944 set the stage for the final campaigns in the northern half of the eastern front.Though estimates vary widely, the losses in that campaign were nothing short of catastrophic.

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